Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Get caught up, yo!!

Hello readers!!
I know its been a while. But I thought I would try and do some posts. No promises though. I am very sorry about not writing. I just didn't have the inspiration. I know, I know, excuses, excuses. Though I am very sorry. Anyway, we have moved into an apartment!! Me and Brinkley share a room, and Kye and Jaten share a room too. Ahhh, it's been a while! There is so much to write! I might split it up in parts. I don't know yet though. Okay, so where to start, where to start...So when we got here in our apartment complex a nice guy named Kevin who worked at our apartment complex, gave us popsicles. We love Kevin. He's so cool. And we explored! There is a park right next to our apartment so we went over there. It was fun.
                                                    My new bike! (well now kinda old-ish)
                                                                    Action shot!!
                                                                      The Trail.

And there isn't much pictures of what we did next. Probably because we didn't do much. We basically just settled in. BORING!!! Dad turned 39 though.

                                                                 Sparkly candles!!!!!!

                                              I met my best friend Kristina....

                                                       And then I cut my hair!!

                                                        Ta Da!! And Brinkley took selfies!!

                                  (This was just for you Brink. I will have these forever. just BTW.)
                                                P.S It's your fault for taking selfies on my camera

                  And then we visited our great Aunt Diana's and ate some great pizza and got candles and                               then we carved some pumpkins, went to a parade and dressed up crazy.

                                                                  OMG It's so cute!!
                                                                  My pumpkin


                                               Mom's friend's husband phto bombed me :D

And we are kind of caught up. I must warn you. A lot of the photos may be of me and Kye, me and friends, Kye, Brinkley and me. Jaten goes to a college school now, so she is gone most of the time. But I am sure there will be plenty of photos with her. There is always weekends. Plus if there are no photos of Jaten in a blog post I will take a selfie with her at the end of the blog post. Anyway, I will try to do more blog posts. I hope i can get into the routine. I have a few plans..Anyway I forget how I end these posts..I think it was, um....BYEEEE!!!!!!

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  1. Excited that you're blogging again, Taye!