Thursday, May 22, 2014

Traveling, Exploring and Selfies!

 Hello, readers!!
Sooooo, as you may know, (If you read mom's blog) we are in Colorado!!! It's very pretty here.

If you want to know why we are in Colorado and stuff, you can go over to Mom's blog Also, while we were driving a made a little video/montage. It is here for your entertainment:
Anyway, a while ago before we were in Colorado, We explored the RV park. 
        We explored the activity center and there we are in the arcade and Jaten sitting in a teeny tiny table and me on stage. Hehe that was fun :)
We also found some trails and while we were walking around, we found a big field where we decided it would be awesome to do a photo shoot.
             We also came across this awesome pioneer graveyard! The stones were really old.
                                  Selfies! Some of them don't really count as selfies...Or do they?

                                                          Traveling pics!!
                          Today, we also went on a hike. It had a beautiful view. Here's some more pictures:

                       Well that's all I have for you, folks! Until we meet again. Byeeeee!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


hi i'm Kye I am going to be bloging about the boats we made. I will show you the pictures later.
so we start now, i will tell you how to make the boats so grab a piece of wood and a knife.
please have a parent help you if you are under 12. ask your parent to cut a piece of wood like this:

                                        then whittle the botom of the boat to make it round ( Make sure theres a point at
                                        the top) and then you have a boat and bye!