Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello readers!!!
So, as some of you may know we are vegans. And a lot of what persuaded us to become vegan were these documentaries about what really happens in the farms and slaughterhouses. Here are some documentaries that made us change: Earthlings, Forks over Knives (On Netflix) Vegucated (also on Netflix).
So that's a little list of some vegan documentaries. Let me just tell you a few facts of what happens in farms and slaughterhouses. Chickens. Let's start with chickens. Chickens are kept in teeny tiny cages with other chickens so they barely have any space to move around. Before they put the chickens in the cages they hang the ALIVE chicken by its neck and sear their beaks off. Then they're put in these tiny cages and if they don't lay eggs for a while a worker will poke the chicken with a hot metal rod to try to scare the egg out of them. Cows. Cows produce milk. Milk that you probably eat with your cereal or have a glass of it. What you don't know is that you're helping produce veal. Veal is made out of baby cow meat. See what happens is the farmer or worker impregnants the cow through artificial insemination. When the cow gives birth to its baby they are allowed to stay together for only 24 to 48 hours and then the baby cow is taken away from its mother to make veal and then we take the baby cow's milk and there you have it. I feel like we are very selfish for doing so. We are taking babies from their mothers so we can eat the mother cow's baby and so we can drink the baby cow's milk. Selfish. And now we are getting to pigs. Pigs are actually very smart and social animals, did you know that? Well, when we kill pigs to make bacon the pigs are hoisted up by one foot high in the air by a metal chain. Then after that they are lowered into scalding water (oh, and sometimes there still alive just btw) and basically roasted to death. There is actually a quote in Vegucated, I believe, that says "I have seen hogs try to swim in scalding water."
It is very sad to see what we have done to these peaceful animals. There are a lot more facts about farms and slaughterhouses (What they do to piglets and chicks and stuff.) But i think you should watch the documentaries instead (Plus, I don't think i could explain some things very well.)  Anyway, we are in North Carolina. It is very pretty and I like it very much. Here is some pictures:
                                                                       The creek (Which has crawfish in it)
                                                            The tunnel (Which we went in)
                                                          Awesome swing set
                                                               Monkey bars and slide
                                                                    Little kid park
                                                                Baby swings

                                       Would have been a awesome picture but, well Jatens face.

                                                                Beautifulness (Is probably a word??)
                                                                Inside the activity center

                                                              Huge pointless chair
                                                           Kye having fun on his pony
                                                                  Game room
Well, that's all I have to say today, Byeeeee!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello again!
I know I promised you a blog post very very soon, so here it is! Yesterday was Easter. I like Easter because of the candy, I mean, what normal child doesn't?!  Anyway, we ate a LOT of candy. Kye kind of over did it by eating all of his except a nice homemade chocolate bunny. Oh here is a picture of the chocolate Easter bunny's.

Beautiful, right? (Thanks mom for making them) We also had some adventures while Mom and Dad were on a hike.

                                           We hiked/walked down the very beautiful Nature Trail.

                            There was a stream by the nature trail so of course we had to play around in it.

                        We would also jump from rock to rock and try not to fall into the water. (Which of course,
                        because I am so clumsy, I ended up halfway in the water.)
                                                      Kye jumping from rock to rock
                                              Jaten being worried Kye's gonna fall in.

 We got some really good pictures though, and I like them a lot. Anyway, After we were done with all that we went and drove around Gatlinburg and went down the scenic drive. I fell asleep so I didn't get a lot of pictures but I got a few of some really old houses.
                                             Old two bedroom house that they fit nine kids into!!!
                                                                   The Barn
So, yeah that was our Easter adventure, I hope you enjoyed and liked the pictures. Byeee!!!


Hello, Readers!!!
First off I should probably explain a few things. Hello everybody, I am Taye. I am 10 on my 11th year.
I have three other siblings, Jaten, Brinkley and Kye. Jaten is the oldest, She is 15. Brinkley is 14 and Kye is 9. We are home schooled and live in a RV. We are traveling around The United States of America for a year or maybe more, Then we will settle back down in a house. We are happy that we can do all this stuff.
I am the main writer on this blog, There may be guest writers. This is a very, very short post and I am sorry but this is just suppposed to explain a few things. There will be new blog post hopefully very very sooon.
I can't wait to write more and  really hope we can get this blog going. Well, That's it for this post. Byeeee!