Monday, June 23, 2014

Campfires, Family, Moving, oh my!

Hello, readers!!
Since we have arrived in Colorado, a lot has happened. I will catch you up.
So, we stayed in a RV park called Horsetooth Resevoir.  It was a beautiful RV park and we enjoyed the lake, campfires and family.

                                                Dad eating a s'more and getting very messy
                                                                  Some family!

                             Then, we left the park and went to another called Johnson's RV retreat.
                              Then a while later mom got a new car!

 It's a Volvo. The reason why we have gotten a new car is because we have decided to settle down here in Colorado. We have actually sold the RV and the RV has been given to someone new.

Goodbye Big B/ our RV. We call her big B. So, yeah. We have gone house hunting and we have found a big 3 bedroom apartment. But, we will still have more Barney adventures and stuff so don't worry we will keep this blog interesting (hopefully)! I will also give you guys a tour of the new place so look forward to that. Well, that's what has happened in our life. Byeee!