Monday, June 23, 2014

Campfires, Family, Moving, oh my!

Hello, readers!!
Since we have arrived in Colorado, a lot has happened. I will catch you up.
So, we stayed in a RV park called Horsetooth Resevoir.  It was a beautiful RV park and we enjoyed the lake, campfires and family.

                                                Dad eating a s'more and getting very messy
                                                                  Some family!

                             Then, we left the park and went to another called Johnson's RV retreat.
                              Then a while later mom got a new car!

 It's a Volvo. The reason why we have gotten a new car is because we have decided to settle down here in Colorado. We have actually sold the RV and the RV has been given to someone new.

Goodbye Big B/ our RV. We call her big B. So, yeah. We have gone house hunting and we have found a big 3 bedroom apartment. But, we will still have more Barney adventures and stuff so don't worry we will keep this blog interesting (hopefully)! I will also give you guys a tour of the new place so look forward to that. Well, that's what has happened in our life. Byeee!

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  1. Nice view! But yes, settling down means selling your RV. I hope you got a good deal, and that it somewhat helped you during the transition period. Staying in a brick-and-mortar house could be a nice change of pace from motorhome living. Since you're in the area, you can still visit the sights whenever you have the time, so you'd never miss out on the view. Take care!

    Marion Goodwin @ Johnson RV